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Dust of Dreams
I’ve dreamed of distant shores
Where gladly I’ll say Nevermore
I’ve dreamed of starless nights
Which I would pass, quiet
I’ve dreamed of nothing
Expecting in my madness, everything
I’ve awakened
To find I never dreamed
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 8 2
Feeding on angel wings
Torn from celestial innocence
There’s no better sustenance
For this serrated grin
Embrace the Reaper
For the Harvest nears
There’s truly nothing to fear
Abandon yourself to the hunger
This graceful reprieve
Preludes the dead drop
Undying partisan the thief
Of hope
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 2 3
Dreams in Concrete
The solitary candle
Lights the way to nowhere.
So weak, so brittle,
Flight, alas last recourse, fair
Lady. Hear me, Lady Queen of Dreams,
Maybe then a gleam;
Peaceful slumber... Surrender,
Torn asunder, rendered
Paralysed, I lie:
Woke, conscious. Reality:
Asleep, comatose, fed to famine
In this inverted structure
Infernal dreams concrete,
Goodnight Delusion.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 6 0
Falling Awake
These few words herein displayed
May not seem, but are indeed
Carefully chosen to be
Though absent of melody
The softest voice for we, we
Who know emptiness, nothingness
Void, whose company keeps us
Locked away, dreamless, sleepless
I know, my screams are silent
Too, quiet with lethargy
False and ignorant, regret:
I will never change.
From seven to six, lies
No more. Breathe, you're alive
You, us, countless, lost,
We choose our cage
But as we age, say
So too erode the chains
Keeping us tucked away
Endless forms beautiful
With a splash of colour
Not red, never again,
Paint overcast skies with
Tomorrow's sun.
From the withered flower
The shells of the past collapse
Neither rhyme nor reason
Can translate these feelings
Of freedom, free falling,
Free falling into the present
Open arms, unafraid, Tomorrow
Hold me close, Tomorrow
I trust not yet my legs
Tomorrow, cushion my falling awake.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 7 3
If You Were Here
If I cry myself to sleep,
Will I still have pleasant dreams,
Or will I never wake?
If my heart beats,
Will I still feel empty,
Or will it bury me?
If I kiss you goodbye,
Will I still smile,
Or will I be dead inside?
If I let you go,
Will I remember what to do,
Or will I only think of you?
I wonder,
Did you cry yourself to sleep?
Did your heart ever heal?
Did you forget how to smile?
Did you know what to do?
I wonder,
If only you were here.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 7 0
L onging
A nother
C hance
R emedy
I llnesses
M arry
O ne true love
S ave
A nyone I can.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 4 0
My stitches itch
For the fifth time
This last hour, how
Do I not scratch
How do I love
Without the scars
Like a porcelain doll
Her skin's perfect white
Flawless, no blemishes
Her obsidian eyes
I get lost in them
But I don't mind, to me
Their beauty lies in wait
Patience and purity
To keep me company
I knit myself a blanket
Of her jet black hair, but
It 's her love that keeps me
Sometimes I dream
In them seen's, the
Glimmer of hope, gleam
Of being awake, free
Falling into waiting arms
Isn't that how you love?
Dear one, stay
Better or worse,
Young or old,
Life or death,
Warm or cold,
Forever more, stay.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 5 0
Pastime Paradise
The ink spots bleed through on the other side
Reminding me there’s nowhere to hide
From the represented dark of my mind
If only I kept believing that time
Could help mend these foul wounds.
But truly, undoubtedly,
Unshackled is my hubris
Thanks to the words of another, yonder,
Ponder, wherever they be, forever will my heart
Yearn for more.
If only, keen attention paid
If only, memories jaded
If only, displeasure undisguised
If only, so young and misguided
Call me a fatalist
But I strive off the littlest
Tidbits of attention, hear this,
In earnest I say: feed my lust
Help me whore myself
Out to the masses
To this I freely confess
So, bless my soul, yes, bless
How else would I stay on my knees
And still be accepted into Paradise?
If only, so much hatred
If only, so many broken dreams
If only, ungodly parasite
If only, ghostly ingrate
Been spending most my life
Living in unsightly heresy
Why else wouldn’t I be,
Why would I do differently?
Unholy matrimony to pain and in a new
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 5 0
Peur du fade
Parmi les échos du passé
Les voix, les rêves oubliés
Conscience de naufrage
L’engloutissement, le vertige
De chuter dans les abysses d’où
Nous ne pouvons nous rendre compte
Les profondeurs du plafond,
D’où la sortie est invisible
Et la douleur irréversible.
Si j’ose respirer
C’est mon cœur qui s’endolorit
Puisque je ne pense qu’aux rires
Jadis, qui accompagnaient les sourires
Qui eux éblouissent et qui me remplissent,
Spectre, de vie, suffit que j’apprécie
Avant que je ne me rende compte
Que je n’étais qu’endormi.
Je veux aller où je te reverrai
Mais je ne sais point si ce serait mérité
Et ce désir, lui, n’est-il pas en réalité
Qu’une façon de m’échapper
De mes responsabilités?
Je me réveille, puisque je n’ai
Rien autre auquel rêver.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 4 8
Fight, for deliverance
Tear the walls of silence
Down, and rise to the sun
For the thousand sons
Whose mothers wept
Wept at the theft
Of the dreams of the young
Riot, for justice
Bask in the irony
Of petrifying anarchy
And look in the eyes
The bloodshot eyes
Take in the rage
And endless war be waged
Fuck the structural integrity and rhyme, and reason
Let me free you of your constraints
Close your eyes, awaken, and listen
For ‘tis not the city that weeps.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 3 2
Damned by your touch
Yet still I think thus
Where is the white light?
That would envelop me so tight?
And then your piercing scream
Reaches across this bizarre dream
Damnation! Degenerate! Ingrate!
Unholy apocalypse, these gates
Once golden now bright red
Oh how they fill me with dread
My bones ground to dust
I see my risen corpse, fleshless
It leaves my soul somewhat restless
Especially since there’s a coiled lust
Behind those empty eyes
I can no longer recognise
Damned by your touch
No more dream I of such
Idle fantasies as an innocent angel
Carrying me away to Himmel.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 3 9
Se rendre compte
De l’escompte
Sur son âme...
De ce, le chagrin:
Douce flamme
Qui mettra fin
À mon existence.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 0 0
J’inspire, preuve de vie
Même si je ne ressens ni
Douleur ni joie. Raison dit
Que je devrais en être sorti
De cette prison, mon lit
Maudit suis-je
Alors que mes cauchemars me suivent
Alors que je donne crédibilité
À mes peurs, à mes faiblesses, coincé
Je ne peux m’échapper, m’évader
Prendre vol, migrer au loin, à l’étranger
Ne serait-ce même que pour oublier…
Je croise les doigts
Espérant que ce froid
N’est que temporaire
Que même s’il n’a rien à y faire
Ce n’est qu’un moment, un instant
Un vent à un souffle, semblant
Éternel, mais réellement éphémère
Que tout soit clair, éclaire
Le chemin que je dois emprunter
Même s’il ne mène qu’au passé
Me vois-tu courir les bois
Mon passé qui aboie
Lui noie mes cris
Je ne peux le fuir
Je trébuche, la neige tombe
Recouvre ma tombe
Et voilà
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 0 4
Paradise Lights
Can you feel it now?
Tricking your body
Into sinking low
Passed the scope of the known
Passed setting stars, down, down,
Always, forever, down…
I can’t tell above from below
Trapped is my plight in a silent scream
I lack the frequency, or is it bravery
To let loose sound from these chapped lips
I’m afraid of what’s hidden between the lines
Not the lies, but the truth in the white noise
Afraid of the shapes in the static:
I’ll never make it back.
Your plastic smile promised amidst flickering imagery a promised afterlife,
An alleged paradise with which to feed a faith not mine, hoping mayhap to cheat death,
Even if pretentiously, falsely adopted in panic induced, delirious fervor.
I fly amongst the debris, all that’s left hindering me no more, for, I’m free
I am become alive.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 6 3
Down with the Fallen
Look inside
Past the eyes
Past the lies
All that you see
Lurking inside of me
Can you tell me what is real?
A violent night heralds
The bloody sunrise
Past the horizon, the smoky ruins,
The discarded remains;
Ash to ash, dust to dust,
Arise, Phoenix: my ideas immortalised
How else could I survive?
Personify my plea, let the stars burn
With the rage and regret of a thousand souls
Forgotten lives, I realise.
The settling of emotion, elusive, I head
Away, far away,
To the cold carcass of a distant galaxy
Where the negative flourishes
Where the positive withers
Past the mirror and the upside down well
Maybe now I’ll sleep
In the chaos of a well-earned dream
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 5 0
Walking Ghosts
What’s the point?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
Who am I?
When will it finally be over?
The questions plague my mind
Along with other words none too kind
But I realise that it’s because I’m afraid
Afraid of the answer I may or may not find
Sometimes I wonder, is it time
Can I walk free, unburdened, is it such a crime
To go to bed without any voices screaming at me
To go to bed at peace, and not imagine the scenario
Where I have to go and destroy all that it is I know
Where the itch to ditch it all and hitch a ride to nowhere
Everywhere, anywhere but here, just gotta get away from here
So empty and cold, but I don’t feel it. That’s the point I can’t
It’s what’s scary and spooky and all those things I thought weren’t me
Friendly, happy, not sad or angry, spare me the torture of waking up
Because deep inside there’s nothing, no desire, no fire, no passion or ambition
My next fix is all that’s on my mind, be it music, poe
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 4 0


A Rite Of Passage by JayGraphixx A Rite Of Passage :iconjaygraphixx:JayGraphixx 317 108 Jaina Proudmoore by MonoriRogue Jaina Proudmoore :iconmonorirogue:MonoriRogue 721 21 cosplay. Tokyo Ghoul - Uta by kmitenkova cosplay. Tokyo Ghoul - Uta :iconkmitenkova:kmitenkova 434 14 Tokyo Ghoul Uta cosplay by LALAax Tokyo Ghoul Uta cosplay :iconlalaax:LALAax 6,982 320 Death Knight Class Mount by wlop Death Knight Class Mount :iconwlop:wlop 5,800 110 Boho gypsy necklace by Pinkabsinthe Boho gypsy necklace :iconpinkabsinthe:Pinkabsinthe 126 5 MtG Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun by depingo MtG Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun :icondepingo:depingo 340 22 beauty eyes by thefirebomb beauty eyes :iconthefirebomb:thefirebomb 310 8
Unspoken Distance
Unspoken Distance
If I just keep on hurting you,
Why do you still linger here?
If all of this sadness is true,
Why do you still stay near?
If you can't handle the stress
You should just tell me to go
I'll still long for your caress
Even if you'll end the show
"Am I breaking you apart
Just to be within your heart?"
I wish I wasn't so weak
Maybe then it'd be fine
All that I now seek...
...Is for you to be mine
If I hurt you time and again
I'd rather not be here at all
If it would relieve your pain,
I'd be happy to take the fall
"I'll love you through my tears
For the rest of my remaining years"
:iconnoblecoma:NobleComa 5 2
Mature content
Within My Own Pain :iconexoticshorty101:ExoticShorty101 2 3
Sadness by Lighane Sadness :iconlighane:Lighane 991 105 Butcher The Dark Lord by johnlaine Butcher The Dark Lord :iconjohnlaine:johnlaine 376 30 Shen VS Zed by InaWong Shen VS Zed :iconinawong:InaWong 266 7
21: When
We are, we will be,
We were.
:iconlittle-tin-wings:Little-Tin-Wings 2 0
22: Stubborn
Motivation gets things done,
Determination charges onward,
Willpower pushes through,
And pure, fire blooded stubbornness
Is a force to be reckoned with.
:iconlittle-tin-wings:Little-Tin-Wings 1 0
23: Backup
Take my arms, love,
So you'll have someone to hold you when you're fragile.
Take my hand, love,
So you'll have someone to guide you when you're lost.
Take my faith, love,
So you'll have someone who believes when all seems hopeless.
Take my heart, love,
So you'll have someone who loves you when you can't love yourself.
:iconlittle-tin-wings:Little-Tin-Wings 2 2
Hello everyone,

Simply changing the journal since it is no longer current (evidenced by posts, I know).

I hope you've all been at least half as terrific as I have been. The move has been pretty seamless. There's of course the usual problems and projects that come with a new house, but all in all it's been wonderful. It keeps me busy, a good thing that.

Keep your eyes peeled for more poetry in the coming weeks.

How have you guys been?


The-Archaeon's Profile Picture
Is it normal to wake up to the taste of your dreams turned to ash?



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